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About Us

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About Us

 The history of the family and the company.  Back in the early 1900’s Harry Bussey Sr began an amazing story of hard work and sheer determination. Harry Bussey Sr was left in the U.S. when he was just 12 years old and never graduated high school because he had to go work. He worked hard and saved his money and eventually started his own business called Creative Displays. Creative Displays produced artificial flowers and became known nationwide. 


In 1933 Harry Bussey Jr was born. Harry Bussey Jr graduated high school and went on to graduate from Miami University. In the late 1950’s Harry began working for Creative Displays and helped grow the business. In the mid 1960’s Harry Bussey Jr knew the future was plastics and began producing EPS foam ceiling tiles and other expanded products. He began his research and development on a product known as loose fill resin or peanuts. Harry Bussey Jr. applied for a patent and was awarded the patent. The company grew in leaps and bounds and allowed us to get into many other types of products. In 1960 Harry (Buddy) Bussey III was born, although not knowing what his future would hold, it has proven to be a bright future. My dad, my grandfather and I began working together collectively to build an amazing legacy. I consider my time working with my grandfather and my dad one of the greatest times of my life. To learn from both of those incredible people was an absolute privilege and an honor. These are the giants’ shoulders that we stand on to allow us to continue our dream.


I now have the privilege of working with my two sons (4th generation) Harry Brandon Bussey IV and Kyle Ryan Bussey. Collectively we have been awarded approximately 63 patents with several more awaiting approval. Our patents range anywhere from equipment patents to process patents to formula patents.  We have manufacturing plants in Marlboro NJ, Hickory NC and recently added a 180,000 sq ft facility in Fremont Ohio. 


ICC has been in the extrusion business for over 50 years and has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We currently operate 19 extruders in our facilities.  We produce Polyethylene and Polystyrene products for the packaging and construction product markets.  Our product offerings continue to grow as we have added new equipment to produce new products in the last couple of years.     


Our teams in each of our plants are well seasoned men and women who have been with the company for many years. We are excited for the future and all the new products we will bring to market in 2023. We continue to grow the company and as a result, ICC will also be adding an addition to our Hickory NC facility which is located on 53.5 acres to help grow these new products.  Our new plant in Fremont Ohio manufactures a wide range of packaging products consisting of but not limited to Bubble, PE foam, Kraft/film, and bubble mailers.  We have space in this facility to produce additional products to drive our growth in the Midwest market over the next several years.  


When you deal with ICC you are dealing with a small capable team that will do our best to meet your needs. We do not have a large management structure, allowing us to respond quickly to any problems or opportunities that present themselves.  As a company, we are completely self-funded with no debt so that we can invest in equipment and infrastructure to close opportunities when they present themselves.   We pride ourselves on our customer service and pledge that while we sometimes have to work through some issues, we stand behand our products and will respond to any issues in a timely manner without the communication issues than can be present in larger organizations.  As a multigenerational company we are dedicated to continue the growth for the next generation beginning their careers with the company, while honoring and remembering those that came before us.  

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